Want More Willpower to Stick to Your Diet by Georgie Beames

Do you wish you had more willpower and self control?

Do you wish you could stick to the diet for the long term?
If you do, you are not alone.
I’m a psychologist, specialising in emotional eating and weight. I work with women daily in this area.
The first thing they often say to me is:
“Can you give me some strategies? Tell me what to do, so I can have more willpower and self control. If I can increase that, then I can stick to the diet. And then I can stay on it forever.
I’ve started diets, I’ve had willpower and self-control in the short term. But then in time, I haven’t had enough to keep up. That’s why I’ve broken the diet.”

This is the number one lie the dieting industry wants you to believe.


Your issue around eating and food has nothing to do with willpower. It has nothing to do with control.

Willpower is only short term.

It can run out in minutes, it can run out in hours or it can run out in months, but it is going to run out at some point. If you are using it as a strategy, you’re white-knuckling your way through cravings. That is hard work.
White-knuckling your way through cravings every day uses too much energy. It’s exhausting. It’s not a good strategy. It’s a short term, finite strategy.

It’s only a matter of time until you’re on the diet and you break it and end up out of control.

What I teach is a new approach. It doesn’t come from the dieting industry.

It’s all around rewiring your brain.

If you have a pattern of emotional eating, you have a strong pathway in your brain. A pattern towards either specific foods, like chocolate, cheese, ice cream, or chips. Or a pattern to specific eating behaviours like secret eating, eating in your car, for comfort etc.
Whenever you’re in these type of conditions, your brain is wired for the food to come.
And that’s why it’s too hard to use willpower in those moments. You’re swimming upstream because the brain is strong with its wiring, it wants you to eat. And if you want to try and change it, you are working against the grain.
You need to have psychological strategies that rewire your brain. When it comes to food cravings, all it takes is 10 minutes a day to rewire your brain. Unlike the willpower which is for short term, these are more medium to longer term strategies. Strong science and brain scans back them up.

When you rewire your brain, it feels different.

You’re not white-knuckling your way through the cravings. 
Instead, it feels easy and effortless.
You’re not thinking about the food so much. You can leave food in the fridge and forget about it. You can have one biscuit rather than feel like you’ve got to eat the whole packet, to get rid of it. Or going to the supermarket and forgetting to walk up the confectionery aisle.
That’s what it feels like when you start to rewire your brain using these effective tools.
I’ll talk you through, step by step, how it all works. I want to guide as many women as I can back to what actually works, for sustainable change.

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Bye for now!