How to End Emotional Eating Without Willpower by Georgie Beames

I want to share with you why you’re emotionally eating right now. And it’s not what you think!

Read the transcript here or skip down to watch the video below. 

So often when I work with women, I hear the following:

‘‘I’ve got no self-control!’’

‘‘I just love this food too much’’

‘‘I just can’t say no to chocolate’’.

I’m here to tell you there’s a deeper reason as to why you keep going back to the chocolate.

What’s really going on?

You’re being triggered by something that’s happened and, as a result, there are uncomfortable feelings sitting in your body.

The problem? Many of us are disconnected from our feelings. We’re good when it comes to doing, achieving and planning. But from the neck down? Not so much. 

Many of us suffer from uncomfortable feelings like anxiety, stress, overwhelm, sadness or loneliness. 

The next thing we know, we’re eating. We’re going for the chocolate. The cravings have appeared from nowhere. 

But they’re never from nowhere. There’s always a reason behind a craving. 

We use food as an avoidance strategy. We eat to distract ourselves from what’s really going on for us. 

The hunger is just a symptom. The cause is the uncomfortable feelings being ignored.

What happens? Two things. 

If we’re not dieting, we give in to the craving. We eat our way through the day or the week as a way of avoiding what’s going on. 

The problem with this strategy? 

It’s short term and we now have two problems. We still have our uncomfortable feelings because eating hasn’t made them go away. We’ve pushed them down and they’re bound to come up again at some point. 

And we have now the second problem: we don’t feel good about ourselves. We have shame and guilt from eating. We don’t like ourselves. It strips our confidence. We have weight gain. It starts to affect all areas of our life.

What happens if we’re dieting? We might press pause whilst we white-knuckle our way through the craving. Perhaps we eat it, perhaps we don’t. Again, it’s a short-term strategy simply relying on willpower. It’s just a matter of time until we end up out of control.

Does what I’m saying resonate with you?

Like many women, your brain is wired to eat. Anytime there’s discomfort, we go straight for food.

What should we do instead? 

We need a strategy that works short-term, medium-term and longer-term.

I’ve got a motto: 

Feelings before food, feelings before food.

This is your key to changing your relationship with food. Rather than using food to avoid your feelings, we need to sit with them. 

We need effective psychological strategies that process our feelings. When we use these strategies, it rewires the brain.

The cravings disappear. We no longer need to eat. We can leave food on our plates. We don’t think about food all the time. 

This is what food freedom is all about!

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Bye for now!