Evelyn Tribolt in her book Intuitive Eating came up with four dieting personalities. Which one are you?

Read the descriptions below and consider key words that resonate with you:

  1. The Careful Eater

The Careful Eater is nutrition conscious, they are motivated by fitness and health. Outwardly they seem health and fitness oriented. Although they appear to be the perfect eater they anguish over every morsel. They will either scrutinise the food labels when shopping or interrogate the waiter when out at a restaurant. This personality is driven by a large amount of anxiety, control and fear. They tend to under eat and monitor the quantity of food consumed. They may not be officially dieting but they are rule oriented and controlled. Their restrictive eating habits negatively impacts their relationship with their body.

  1. The Professional Dieter

The Professional Dieter is on a perpetual diet. They are primary drive is feeling fat. They have usually tried the latest diet and make every eating decision about losing weight not about eating for health.   When they are not on a diet, they are busy thinking about the next diet to start. The Professional Dieter goes through the Vicious cycle – diet – lose weight – gain weight – binge – back on diet. Chronic dieting is a stepping stone to an eating disorder.

  1. The Unconscious Eater

This dieting personality involves what Tribolt describes as “paired eating”. This is where eating is combined with another activity such as eating and reading, or eating and watching TV.   There are 3 sub-types to the Unconscious Eater. They are:

  • The Chaotic Unconscious Eater – who lives an overscheduled life and is too busy. They are haphazard – whatever’s available they will grab (vending machine, fast food). They have difficulty identifying biological hunger signals until they feel ravenous.
  • The Refuse-Not Unconscious Eater – they are vulnerable to the presence of food, regardless of if they are full, e.g. chocolates on the desk at work. They are often not aware that they are eating.
  • The Waste-Not Unconscious Eater – they value the food dollar. Their eating drive is often influenced by getting as much as you can for your money. They are especially inclined to clean their plate as well as their spouse and children’s plates.
  • The Emotional-Unconscious Eater – they use food to cope with emotions.   They often view eating as the problem, but it’s often the symptom of a deeper issue. They tend to zone out with food which means they are often unaware of what is being eaten, why they started eating and how the food tastes.
  1. The Intuitive Eater

Tribolt believes that we all possess the natural intuitive eating ability. The Intuitive Eater marches to their inner hunger signals. They eat whatever they choose without experiencing guilt. They are an unaffected eater (free from societal messages about food and body image).

Write down the top 3 words or phrases that best describes your dieting personality?

Next week I will share more information about being an intuitive eater so we can start to break the link between feelings and food. 

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