Have you heard of the term secondary gains?

In the world of Psychology it means that there is something positive going on for you at a subconscious level that is keeping you stuck and is keeping the weight on.

You might be thinking, “there is nothing positive about me being overweight”.

“How is the weight a good thing? Didn’t you hear how miserable I am?”

If you weren’t getting something positive out of it, you’d be slim right now.

Excess weight is a safety issue.

There is something that’s unsafe about you about being slim, and it’s going on at the subconscious level meaning it’s out of your conscious awareness.

Have a think about you.

What good purpose is the weight serving in your life?

I see this play out regularly with women (examples below for single & coupled up) and it sounds a little something like this:

  • The weight serves a protection to keep men away and keep me safe
  • The weight keeps me away from intimacy with men
  • The weight keeps me safe from meeting men and then being rejected
  • The weight means I don’t have to be vulnerable, and I don’t do vulnerability
  • The weight keeps away unwanted attention from men that I can’t handle or control
  • The weight keeps me untested in life (work, relationships etc). I don’t have to take risks and put myself out there. This means that I can’t fail and I can’t disappoint myself
  • The weight keeps me safe because I don’t have the pressure to be perfect
  • The weight keeps me safe because I don’t have to stand up for myself and deal with conflict
  • The weight keeps me safe as I don’t have worry about getting (wanted) attention from men that’s not my husband because I will be wearing short skirts
  • The weight keeps me safe, because if I was slim I’d leave my husband or I don’t trust myself to be faithful.

What is it for you?

Step 1 is to go through this list and rate the level of intensity/discomfort you feel going through each of these statements.

This is a critical step as it’s acknowledging that your weight has nothing to do with food.  There is something deeper going on for you.

Step 2: Start to journal and learn more. Where did this come from?  What’s happened for you to have this secondary gain?  Be curious and learn more.

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