Why Losing Weight Will Not Make You Any Happier by Georgie Beames

After you lose weight and reach your ideal weight, do you believe you will feel:


  • confident

  • free

  • empowered

  • calm, and

  • relaxed around food?

If you do, you are not alone. Many women hold on to this belief.
As a psychologist specialising in emotional eating and weight loss, I know this belief isn’t true.

It’s a lie, fed (pardon the pun) to us from the dieting industry.

Make changes to your external appearance (losing weight, dieting etc). And then you will suddenly feel so much better about yourself.
Change the external first, then you’ll feel better about yourself internally.
Has that happened to you before?
For so many years I was looking in all the wrong places. I thought that if I lost the weight and I was down to a size 10 or size 12, then I could wear what I wanted. And I would feel so much better about myself. The internal would match the external.
This is a lie. This is a myth.
Stop looking in the wrong places. It’s going to keep you stuck and engage in a negative cycle. Then you’re going to give up on yourself.

The key to change is actually changing from the inside first.

So many of us get it wrong. We get it wrong because we don’t know.
The message came from the dieting industry, and we believe it. we don’t question it or think it’s a lie.
We need to actually change from the inside first.
We need to start to feel confident in ourselves. We need to start to feel free in ourselves and feel empowered.

We’re craving more than weight loss.


What we’re craving is an internal transformation.

We’re craving feelings of confidence, freedom, empowerment, calmness, and relaxation.
It’s about interacting in a whole new way that comes from internal shifts (not externally).
Sure, we might lose a little bit of weight. We might feel a bit more confident. But it’s a matter of time until that weight is going to come back, if we’ve been dieting. That’s what the statistics tell us.

Losing weight and changing your external appearance doesn’t guarantee an internal change.

Look for the evidence of whether that has happened for you. Look in the right places.
Start making those changes now to have the right tools and processes to feel good about yourself.
This is when life opens up to you. This is when you bounce out of bed and, you feel so different. 
You show up in the world in such a different way.

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Bye for now!