Are you putting too much pressure on yourself to lose weight?

As a women’s psychologist specialising in eating sabotage, I see this all the time. There’s so much pressure that you put on yourself to lose weight.
I have to lose weight. I have to control everything. I have to get this right. I have to get down to x number of kilos.
This is wrong and goes against your basic psychology.

Any time you put too much pressure on yourself, it ends in self sabotage.

There’s so much fear and anxiety around it.
The more pressure you put on yourself to lose weight, it’s going to lead to more eating at some point.
And you’re going to do the opposite of what you want to do. Which feels frustrating and disappointing. What to do instead?

Starting to accept where you are at now.

It’s okay to want to change. But a big part of it is accepting where you are now.
Taking steps to get there in a relaxed and calm way, without the pressure.
You have the fear and anxiety. The pressure to get down to 75 kilos or whatever your goal is. But where are you at now?
Even if you don’t love where you are now, you don’t need to love it.
But you accept this is where you’re at and you’ve got a plan to change it.
It’s not forever. I’m going to get there in my time, working on the right areas.
There’s a lot more you can do, to be more relaxed and calm around food and weight.

Rather than focusing on what you’re eating, dieting and control – ask yourself why you’re eating.

Anytime there’s emotional eating, what’s going on? Why am I eating that?
Start to deal with the cause on why you’re eating. Start to take that pressure off yourself for those instant results.

Because it’s a journey and not a destination.

I’ve been there myself. I’ve focused on that destination, the number on the scales or the size 10 etc.
What happens when you get there?
Is it going to make you happier? What are you really seeking? Focus on that.
Often it’s feelings that you’re seeking.

You’re seeking an internal transformation, not an external one.

When you start to transform on the inside, it’s a matter of time for the external to transform too.

Your appearance matches how you feel about yourself.

External is a mirror for how you feel about yourself. You’re on this journey and you need to chip away at it.
You need to take those baby steps forward. Tuning in, finding out what’s right for you.
How you are feeling and when cravings are coming up, focus on why you are eating.
It’s about your mindset.

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Bye for now!