The One Hidden Factor Keeping Women Stuck on Emotional Eating by Georgie Beames

If you’re feeling stuck with your relationship with food and your weight, it could be this one thing that is playing out for you. 

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It’s all around internal conflicts.

Essentially, it’s like the iceberg analogy. So, we have the 10% on the surface. That’s our logical, rational part of us. When we diet, we’re operating at that 10%.

Then, we have the 90% that’s otherwise hidden or submerged. And when we emotionally eat, then it’s happening at this subconscious level.

It’s so incredibly powerful. 

Now, this can relate to internal conflicts. 

When I ask women: 

“Do you want to lose weight?”

“Do you want to be free around food?”

“Do you want to reduce your emotional eating?”

“Do you want to feel great in yourself and feel more confident?”

They say, “Of course I do! Yes, sign me up!”.

This is only 10% of who we are when we answer in that way. 

What’s really going on is that there’s some block or barrier getting in the way at a subconscious level. It’s often hidden to us but it’s got the brakes on. It’s got the brakes on our progress and on the direction of where we truly want to go. 

It’s like we’ve got these two parts. First, we’ve got the part of us that really wants to change, that really wants to feel free around food, and reduce our emotional eating. That part wants to lose weight naturally and feel great about ourselves. 

But there’s another part that doesn’t want to change and that is a part that always wins out whenever we’ve got an internal conflict. It’s always this 90% of us that wins out.

Recognizing what it is.

So what we need to do is actually start to recognize what it is.

What is going on here? 

What is the block or the barrier that’s currently keeping the brakes on, keeping us stuck and doesn’t want us to change? 

That’s question one. 

And I’ve identified these six blocks and barriers for this reason entirely because this is the area of emotional eating that I like to educate women around. 

There’s a lot that goes on at this subconscious level that we’re not sure about. We’ve only been told about the conscious side of things like the eating, the weight loss and the dieting. 

But that’s just a symptom. 

The cause is what is going on below the line: that 90% of who we are.

It could be some fears around failure. It could be fears around success. It could be holding on to the weight as protection. 

There are many reasons as to why you may be feeling stuck and this part is always winning out. 

So if you want some more information on this approach and you want to learn your number one block, then click on the link below. I’ve got an amazing training that’s going to unpack all of this for you, so you can increase your self-awareness, start to look in the right places for the answers, and put you back on your path.


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