Is There Really Any Secret to Lose Weight Fast by Georgie Beames
If you’re like most women I’ve worked with, you’re longing for a quick fix.

A magic pill to make your challenges with eating and weight all disappear and fix itself.

If you feel like this, you’re not alone.

As an experienced women’s psychologist, I’ve discovered everyone longs for a quick fix. Where you could take that magic pill and you could stop your emotional eating.
Where you could lose weight in a sustainable way and it wouldn’t be any hard work.
Do you relate?

Quick fixes don’t work. Stop looking for one.

I was there myself. I tried everything. I tried the low carb. I tried the points, the grueling workout at the gym. I tried everything that there was available. I thought I hadn’t found that one thing yet. This is a quick fix mentality.

You’re searching for something outside yourself.

I need to read that book, I need to google this, I need to do the program, I need to join this gym. If you’re starting to have these thoughts and these compulsions, this is a red flag. You’re looking in the wrong area.

There is nothing out there that will make this all go away.

Ask yourself: If I wasn’t searching for a quick fix, where would I need to spend my energy? What do I really need to work on here?
Anytime you’re looking outside yourself for answers, you’re looking in the wrong place.

Looking for a quick fix is an avoidance strategy.

What am I avoiding by focusing my energy, thoughts and behaviors on quick fixes? And you know quick fixes aren’t going to work anyway.
Often, what you are avoiding is that something going on within yourself.
Uncomfortable feelings, thoughts, avoiding certain parts of your life.
You don’t need to deal with a marriage or the fact that you haven’t found your life purpose. Because instead you’re focusing on finding the quick fix, the diet, the control.

Keep coming back to yourself, all the answers are within you.

Lean in to that discomfort, be honest with yourself. Sit with this discomfort in your feelings and ask yourself what is really going on here? 

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Bye for now!