Does Losing Weight Feel Like Too Much Hard Work and You Are Ready to Give Up by Georgie Beames

Do you feel like losing weight is hard work?

Or do you feel like you’re destined to be big or be in a larger body? These are all signs that you’ve given up on yourself.
As an experienced women’s psychologist, I’ve discovered 6 blocks causing eating sabotage. Here are some real reasons why you are putting the breaks on your best efforts.

There are two common fears.


The first fear is a fear of failure.

These blocks and barriers are happening outside of your conscious awareness.
You know the aspect analogy, you’ve got the 10% of who you are above the surface. When you diet, you tap into that area.
Then you have the 90% of yourself that’s submerged or hidden, which is your subconscious. Anytime you’re emotionally eating, it’s happening at your subconscious level.
These fears are also happening at your subconscious level. That’s why this area can be complex.
It’s hidden but it’s so important that you start to understand the real reasons you’re eating.
It’s not that you love food too much.

It’s not that you don’t have enough willpower or self-control.

If you have been dieting for many years, then chances are you’ve got a strong fear of failure.
At a deeper level, you believe there’s no hope. Nothing is going to change, you’ve tried so many things.
If you try something new, it’s going to be another one of those things that you fail at. This is where you’ve given up on yourself.
You feel like you’re destined to be at this size, it’s all too hard to change, it’s not going to work anyway.
Guess what happens? You keep eating and keep the weight on to prove yourself right. Why bother changing? Why bother starting something new? Why bother looking at a new approach?
At a deeper level, and this is the 90% of who you are, you believe nothing is going to work for you anyway. It’s going to keep you feeling stuck. It’s going to actually put the brakes on your progress and taking positive action forward.
The fear of failure may be influencing some of your day-to-day eating choices.

The second one is fear of success.

What if I do try something new? What if it does work? Ooh that’s a bit scary. I’m not sure how I’d go with that, I’m used to failing.
So the fear of success looks like what’s scary about changing.
And again at the 10% of who you are, that conscious level we say: Nothing is scary. Of course I want to be in a smaller body. My life is going to be amazing and great.
But why aren’t you there now? If it wasn’t scary, why aren’t you there now? If you’re not there, it means that there’s something going on for you at a deeper level.

For many women it can be changes around intimate relationships.

What might happen if you’re in a smaller body, how would that dynamic might play out with your partner? If I was in a smaller body, how would I deal with all that extra attention? Would I feel safe? That doesn’t feel comfortable. I can’t control it.

Or it could be around other women.

Maybe they’ll feel intimidated or they’ll judge me or they won’t like me. I better be safe and keep the weight and blend in a bit more.
Does that resonate with you? I hope this has helped to increase your self-awareness. Start thinking about some of the real reasons why you keep going back to the food. You need to address these real reasons so you can change. 

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Bye for now!