I remember when I honestly thought that if I stopped dieting then I would just stack on the weight.  I was scared of getting fat(ter).  My usual pastimes were spent in Dymocks Book stores only in the self help and health sections reading and researching what I could do to try to get my body in control, and at the time that really excited me.  I honestly believed the next diet would change my life and everything would then fall into place.

This never happened.   I searched for years…and nothing.  I only felt frustrated, disappointed and like a failure. I completely blamed myself and my body and I was treating my body as if it was my number 1 enemy, as if it were purposely conspiring against me.

I wasted so much time and energy that could have been re-invested in something much more constructive and positive.  I do regret that now.  I also regret how hard I was on myself and my body.  I also kept this all to myself.  I lived with the shame and I thought that everyone had it together, except me.

My life started to change when I had the courage to ditch the dieting and it enabled me to really start to live and ENJOY life.  It’s such a nicer road to be on.  I’m much more accepting, patient and appreciative of myself and my body.

If you are keen to also ditch dieting, step 1 is to start to understand the psychology behind diets and the impact it has on you both in the short term and long term.

Here is my first video blog on where to start when you are considering to stop dieting.

Georgie xx

PS  If you are looking at doing some deeper work in this area, I’m here to support you.  Check out my FREEDOM online program for women for body confidence and acceptance  https://georgiebeames.clickfunnels.com/30-days-to-freedom