If you have bumped yourself away, down on the priority list and you’re just running around busy looking after everyone else taking care after everyone else, then you need to hear this message today because it is affecting your eating and it’s affecting your weight. 

You can read the transcription here or skip down to watch the video below.  Now I see this time and time again with so many women and you know, we’re all guilty of it.  And, it’s when we’re just running around after everyone else.  We are prioritizing everyone else.  We are there for everyone else and there’s no time or energy left for us.  And so how this plays out in terms of our eating is that we’re eating to get through the day.  We’re trying to find that energy to get through the day, racing from work to home to kids, activities, making dinner, cleaning up, trying to get the kids kids to bed early…which is really tough, speaking from personal experience!! What we’re doing is we’re either eating during the day thinking we’re fueling ourselves to get through the day, or the other common theme I see with women is that at the end of the night it’s like they’re on, on, on, on, on during the day, and then the minute the kids are in bed or after dinner when the TV is on they are OFF.  And OFF looks like eating right?  It looks like just EATING. We’re eating our feelings.  And yet this is what we’re calling ‘me’ time. 

It’s about using food as a way to relax – even though we’re actually not relaxing. 

We are numbing out when we’re using food that way.  So, the one thing I recommend that you focus on is all around self care.  Now, for many of us, we have a block around self care because we think it’s too indulgent. We think, ‘I don’t have enough time and I have enough money.’  Or, ‘I’m too busy.’  It’s selfish, right?  These are all blocks that are just getting in our way.  And it’s so, so incredibly important that we start to prioritize ourselves.  And it’s not just about going and getting a mani or pedi or getting a massage every week. 

‘Me Time’ is actually around prioritizing ourselves and, and even taking those small steps forward. 

What is more important is the intention behind our self care more so than the actual behavior in itself.  So, it’s about having that intention that says, ‘do you know what? I am important. I am going to focus on myself today. I am going to prioritize myself.’  And you know, that means that you’re giving yourself a rest.  It means maybe you are relaxing during that time and it’s also me time.  So guess what happens? You don’t need to at the end of the day, shove it all down using food as a way or as an excuse or as permission to get your needs met. It can be met through self care. 

So what I want you to do is start to think about what is one thing that you can do every day that’s a small step forward towards self care. 

Prioritizing yourself.  It could be having a bath and having that quiet time.  It could be meditation, it could be relaxing with some medibles, it could be a yoga class, it could be reading a book in bed.  All the moms out there know how good that feels at the end of the night!  Or, It could be going to a museum by yourself or simply going out for a cup of coffee. I call it ‘going out on a date with yourself’, you know? 

So, I want you to think about is what’s that one key small step you can take forward to really prioritize yourself and give you that gift of self care back to yourself. 

I can’t wait to hear what your ideas are.  And I hope this message really resonates because it’s so incredibly important and it will have a direct impact on your eating. 

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Bye for now! Eating as Me Time from Georgie Beames on Vimeo.