Are you feeling stuck & frustrated with you relationship with food and your body?

Dieting is not your answer.  Say what?!

We’ve been given countless messages from the dieting industry, the media and society that if only we had more self control, we can easily stick to a diet, lose the weight, feel great and my life will be amazing and great.

The number 1 thing that will hold you back from being the person you desire to be is if you hold onto this belief that dieting = slim and slim = happiness.

I used to hold onto this belief (at a subconscious level of course) and I put my life on hold for years. I thought I had to look perfect and be perfect in order to live the life I had played out over and over in my head.  I used to believe that when I get down to my ideal weight then I’ll stop dieting and have a great relationship with food and my body. When I’m down to the size 10, then and only then, will I accept myself – and how amazing will life be then?

This is a huge roadblock that can get in your way.  Change and transformation can only occur once you accept where you are at right now, rather than wait to accept yourself as you wish to be.

If you wish to change your relationship with food and your body, you need to start to accept yourself now. Accept and learn to love all of your ‘flaws’ and imperfections. Learn to love your vulnerability.  This makes you who you are. People connect with authenticity and vulnerability – not perfection and control.

You might be thinking – how can I accept myself now when I don’t like myself and my appearance? And if I accept myself now, am I resigning myself to always looking and feeling this way. The primary goal here is to learn to love the body you have.  You only have 1 body and it’s important that  you learn to feel at home in it.

It’s a journey but well worth it.