Calling all stress eaters? You will know you know who you are.  That’s when you’re running around all day – trying to get everything done, sort out everyone else and that strong feeling that there’s too much to do and not enough time. Are your anxiety levels increasing now by just thinking about it all?

Stress eating is so very common. It’s when we go via the drive-thru if we’re out on the road, or we’re at the vending machine at work (of course whilst no one is around!!).  When we just automatically go for the chocolate or the chips (insert your forbidden food!) we’re often unaware of what’s going on for us on the inside.

We are looking for an external fix to fix our internal state. And this simply does not work.

Looking for external fixes are the most efficient way of reducing our stress (which is really anxiety). However, they are only temporary fixes and we end up feeling worse about ourselves (cue guilt & shame).

We need to address what’s going on for us internally if we no longer want to rely on food to manage our stress.  Food is a coping strategy and no doubt it’s been a very effective one for you, but wouldn’t it be great if you had another coping strategy where you no longer had to rely on food?

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Download this app – it’s free.

I not only listen to this myself but encourage my clients to do the same.

The app has a huge variety of mindfulness processes (short and long) which allows you to take a few moments to check in with yourself and your body and to slow down. This has a side effect of reducing anxiety by getting you in the present moment and tuned into your body.

The advantage of this is when you are in your body – you’re not in your head craving food.

Try it today.

I recommend starting the day with a 5-10 minute process then a few 2-3 minute check ins during the day, and then before bed is great if you have difficulty sleeping.

Extra bonus – right when you have a craving – instead of going to the vending machine on automatic pilot, can you try a 3-5 minute mindfulness process and just be curious as to what happens next!

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