This blog tackles the key questions to explore what’s going on for you at a deeper level

Many women get caught up in the diet/binging/dieting cycle. This cycle is vicious, especially for those who have been caught up in this cycle for years or even decades.

This vicious-cycle can lead to:

  • Increased weight gain over time
  • Increased emotional eating
  • Increased chance of eating disorders
  • Increased level of anxiety & depression

out of control

Here’s an example of how this cycle can play out. One evening Carol comes home and has a fight with her boyfriend. They decide to have a ‘break’ for a month and reassess the relationship.   She feels anxious and tense, as Carol thinks that they will definitely break up after the month is out.

The next day she starts a diet fearing that they will most likely break up and she will be single soon. Commencing the diet brings Carol a sense of control in the first week, and she has been feeling quite good (as long as she follows the diet down to the letter). The following week Carol experiences a feeling of deprivation both physically and emotionally. She doesn’t go out with her girlfriends as she is worried about breaking the diet.

By week 3 she is feeling like the diet is too rigid and she rebels against the rules and goes out with her friends, she eats 3 courses out at dinner and even picks up a large block of chocolate on her way home which she eats in private. Carol then experiences strong pangs of guilt and she feels like she is out of control. This makes her feel bad about herself, leading to her to eat even more chocolate thinking that this will make her feel better. It doesn’t, it makes her feel even more depressed about the possibility of losing her boyfriend and being single. Then the cycle starts all over again the next day. Carol wakes up and resumes her diet….and so the cycle continues.

Who can relate to Carol’s story? It’s a very common story that a lot of women can connect with. It’s based on rules, rigidity, false promise that dieting will lead to a happier life or outcome and deprivation.

When we deprive our bodies of food, nature tries to restore the balance, by tipping the scale to the other extreme and making us hungrier than ever. Thus the dieting-binging-dieting cycle is born.

Key questions to ask yourself:

  • What are your usual tapes running through your head? (“I’m fat”, “I’m not good enough”, “No one likes me”, I’m a failure”)
  • What behaviours then play out for you?
  • What does a binge experience look like for you?
  • What does deprivation look like for you?
  • What can you do differently to circumvent this vicious cycle?

If you can start to recognise your patterns, you can start to change them. Self awareness is the first step to acceptance and change.

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