I have observed 4 key themes in my role as a Psychologist working with women in this space.  In this Video, I unpack a very common way that women can self sabotage, which is when women are in a rut and they feel powerless and out of control around food.  Has this happened to you?


If you are feeling out of control around food and want to get your power back, I’d recommend that you download my Self Sabotage Action Plan for ONLY AUD$29.  It includes a lifetime access to the Action Plan.  You will unpack what’s taking you to the food and will create a plan for yourself moving forward.  It also includes a step by step video where I walk you through how to complete the Action Plan, including a self compassion process.

The link is https://georgiebeames.com/actionplan

If this resonates with you, please feel free to share away. You never know who might need to hear these messages today.