Are You Telling Yourself You Are Either Good or Bad Every Time You Eat by Georgie Beames

Do you feel like either a success, or a failure, about your eating and weight?

For many years, I’ve worked with women, specialising in emotional eating. From my research, I have identified these six key blocks and barriers that take you to the food.

One common block is all or nothing thinking.

It’s the extremes. You are either a success with eating and your weight, or you are a failure. I’m either good or bad. I’m either on or off. Do you struggle with your relationship with food and weight? Do you have a history of dieting? Chances are that this all or nothing thinking applies to you. If you don’t process this all or nothing thinking you will stay stuck in this cycle.

This cycle is destructive, and your yo-yo eating causes active harm.

You want to try to be in control. You think, I need more willpower and self-control so I can stick to the diet.
The more you try to be in control, it leads you to being out of control at some stage. It might not happen today. It might not happen tomorrow. It might not happen next week. But it will happen, because it is unsustainable.

Control is seductive and sexy.

You think, I want more control and then I can stick to the diet. I can lose the weight and live happily ever after. But what happens instead is you bounce from one extreme to the other.

This is unsustainable.

You might wake up on a Monday, starting with trying to be in control. By the evening you’re out of control. Or in control from Monday to Friday and weekends or holidays you’re out of control.

This is a short-term strategy.


You end up being more out of control than you do in control.

This is when we get stuck in that rut. You’re eating anything and everything in sight. You’re not feeling good about yourself. You’re gaining weight. When you’re in enough pain and you start over and become in control again. The cycle perpetuates. It’s not a nice way to live. It leads to weight gain.
All or nothing thinking can be a big driving force keeping you stuck. It leads to eating sabotage. Rather than addressing what you eat, you need to address and process this block within you.
The real key to change is increasing your own self-awareness about your real issues with food.


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