I want to share with you the number one question I want you to ask yourself when you are in full blow on self sabotage mode when it comes to food. 

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Now, we’ve all been there. 

When we really feel out of control around food, we feel so disempowered. 

We can’t stop thinking about food. We can’t say no to food. Uh, we are just, you know, eating anything and everything in sight. We’re just eating our way through the day, right? 

We have all been there!

So, what typically happens at this point for many women is they start to really beat up on themselves, are quite judgemental and critical of themselves, and they start to look for a quick fix

They think, get me outta here. I’m feeling so much internal discomfort! I want it to go away. I want the fix. I want to not feel this anymore. I don’t want to have to deal with this. 

So quick fixes don’t work. We know that, right? 

At this point, many women just want to go back and diet. They get tempted to diet. 

Now the issue is, we are either in control or out of control when it comes to food. And so we’re talking about when women are feeling really out of control; full self- sabotage mode. 

The pain gets so strong, they just want to come back and be in control thinking that just gives them instant relief, right? They can get back on track. 

The issue is they come over and they start the diet and it’s just a matter of time until they’re back over here feeling out of control again because this is unsustainable and this is a really stressful, and it’s not a nice way to live your life.

There’s no freedom, peace, balance, or flexibility in this approach. 

So, instead of focusing on what you’re eating, you’re beating yourself up, and then focusing on what you need to eat and trying to diet your way out of it to try and fix it. 

It’s a short term strategy and it’s gonna actually lead in the longer term to more and more weight gain.

And more and more pain and suffering for you. 

So the number one question I want you to ask yourself when you are at that point, in full blown self-sabotage mode, is what is really going on here? 

Why am I eating? 

So, rather than focusing on what I’m eating and what I’m going to continue to eat or what I’m going to eat moving forward when I start the diet, focus on why you’re eating. 

What has been happening in my life that has been sending me to the food?

Have I been feeling out of control in other areas of my life and my eating is just a direct mirror of how I’m feeling? 

I want you to get really curious and into detective mode, and start to really piece together what was the change that happened? 

What was that point of change when maybe things were just ticking along and then the sabotage really increased? What was the trigger? 

Was it something that has happened in your personal life? Was it something with work? Is it something coming up in the future that triggered you? 

Now, there is always a reason behind why you’re eating has increased. 

The more you can keep focusing on why you’re eating and less on what you’re eating, you are on your path. 

This is a great start to Food Freedom. 

So, have a think about your triggers. Have a think about what, what’s changed in your life, where the food is just a direct manifestation on that. 

And that’s where you need to start. That is the cause, the food and the way to justice symptoms. 

The more you can start to, you know, change your mindset around that, it’s going to really help you even increase your awareness. 

I hope that’s been helpful. 

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