If You Want to Lose Weight, Here’s Why You Must Stop Trying to Have Control Over Food. by Georgie Beames

Are you seeking more control around food and your weight?

But the more you crave control and try to be in control with food, the more out of control you become.
It has the opposite effect.
Control is the number one area to talk about when it comes to food and weight.

The whole thought of control can be quite sexy. It can lure you in, it’s powerful, it’s magnetic.

You may think to yourself: “If only I had a bit more control. If only I could stick to the diet. Then I will lose the weight and life will be amazing and great.”
What I have noticed is that you’re actually not craving control at all. What you are craving, is balance, flexibility, peace, freedom, empowerment and confidence.

Being in control is all about dieting, rules and rigidity.

There’s no peace there. It’s based on fear and anxiety, your eating decisions.

Being out of control is the same again.

It’s based on fear and anxiety. This is where you’re rebelling against being in control.

You’re rebelling against the dieting mentality. And so you end up going back and forth, back and forth between in control and out of control like a tennis match.
And we end up being more out of control than in control over time.
And that’s not a nice way to live your life. It’s disempowering. You’re eating anything and everything in sight. You’re gaining weight. There’s a lot of pain and suffering.

It’s not about being in control.

The more you try to be in control, you end up being out of control at some stage. It might not happen today, it might not happen next week, but it will happen.

And then you get in enough pain that you start the cycle again. You start being in control and you go back and forth, back and forth.
This is not what you’re craving.

You’re craving something in the middle.

This is what I call food freedom.

This is where you feel calm around food, you feel peaceful. You feel free. You feel empowered.

What you are truly craving is balance.

Any time you are craving control and to be in control, I want you to ask yourself: What am I really craving? Am I craving control? Or am I craving balance? What is one step I can take to get closer to that balance?
Any time you’re making any decisions, be it food decisions, or any associated decisions, ask yourself: What does that middle ground look like?
Rather than what does the extremes look like, what does that middle ground look like?
Start to guide yourself to that middle part because that’s where you’ll find food freedom.

This will not only change your relationship with food, it will change your life in a positive way.


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Bye for now!