The Biggest Lie the Dieting Industry Tells Us by Georgie Beames

Do you feel that if you lose weight, you are going to feel better about yourself?

You’re going to feel more free, you’re going to feel more confident, you’re going to feel more empowered.
You’re going to feel more calm and relaxed in yourself, and around food.
You might feel like once you make changes to the external, it’s going to match your internal.

This is the number one lie that the diet industry has been feeding you for far too many years.

As an experienced psychologist in eating and weight-loss, I see this day in and day out.
All you need to do is change your external appearance, and lose the weight.

And the vehicle to do that is dieting, which we know doesn’t work.


It leads to more weight gain.

Once you get the exterior where you want it to be, your ideal weight, you will feel different about yourself.
Once you sort the external out, then internally, it will mirror how you look.

This is all wrong. It’s actually the other way around.

I thought that if I got down to a nice size 10 or size 12, then I would like myself. I’d accept myself, I would start to treat myself in a better way. I would wake up, I would feel great. I’d feel confident, I’d feel attractive, I’d like myself. I would feel calm around food, and all those other feelings.
That didn’t happen. Sure, I felt a bit more confident at the start. When I had lost the weight, received the compliments, and attention.
But I felt quite empty. I felt disappointed, because it didn’t fill me up to the extent that I thought it would. And the weight came back on, and more. You can imagine how I felt.
Has that happened to you as well?

The key to change is starting with the internal transformation.

This is what you are craving. You think you’re craving weight loss.
But what you’re craving are feelings of confidence, freedom, energy, calm, and relaxation.
Going through life with this ease, flow, feeling good about yourself – that has to come from the inside.

Changing your external appearance does not guarantee any shifts internally.

You might feel a little bit confident in the shorter term. But if you’ve been dieting, you’re going to gain that weight anyway. And this is a big reason why many women also get down or close to their ideal weight, and then the sabotage kicks in. Because, you start to get there, wherever there is, it’s not a destination. This road is definitely a journey.

The more you work on the inside, changing how you feel about yourself, the external can follow suit.

This will be a sustainable change.
Otherwise, it’s short term.
Your exterior is a mirror, it reflects how you feel about yourself.
What you see is a direct reflection on how you feel about yourself on the inside.
Start to think about the work that you can start to do on the inside first.
Rather than going for the external, trying to fix it, trying to focus on dieting and weight loss.
Because that’s the symptoms.
The cause is around why you’re eating.

Start to get closer to accepting yourself, loving yourself now, so change can occur.

I’d love to be able to help you stop looking in the wrong places and get you on the path to food freedom.

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Bye for now!