Are You Trying to Gain More Control Over Food by Georgie Beames

I want to share with you why trying to gain more control over food should not be your end game.

So here’s the thing about control.

It really lures us in, right?

We all want to feel that feeling of feeling in control around food.

Now, the issue with this is that we only operate with two gears: we’re either in control around food, or we are out of control around food.

So, we only have these two gears that we’re working with.

It’s called all or nothing thinking, so we’re one or the other on the extreme, and then there’s nothing in between.

Does this sound familiar?

Does this sound like you?

So often, when I first start working with women, they come in, they kind of feel out of control in the belly. This is where they’re feeling like food has a power over them, they’re eating anything and everything in sight, not feeling good about ourselves, weight gain, et cetera.

Now, they come in and they say, “Georgie, I don’t like this part of me, I just wanna get rid of this part, and I just wanna feel more in control around food. So can you
show me how to do this?”

Now, the reason why we end up down here in the belly, being out of control, is often because we’re too controlled up in our heads, right?

And so what happens is we start the diet, we try to get in control, and what ends up happening is that there’s only so long we can stay on a diet because they don’t
work in the longer term, and then we end up breaking the diet, and then being out of control at some point.

So any time we try to be too in control, it’s just unsustainable.

It’s not living life and eating in a really relaxed and balanced way.

So what happens is, we can only stay up in our heads for too long being in control, and it’s just a matter of time until we end up out of control, and then we’re down in the belly, usually for a longer period of time, and then the pain is too much, and then guess what we do?

We start dieting, we try to regain that control, and start up in the head again. And then we go back and forth, and back and forth.

So this way of living actually causes active harm.

It’s really, really stressful, it’s not a nice way of living, and it actually leads to weight gain.

So it’s not about trying to get more control, because really this is coming from a place of
fear and anxiety.

Being out of control is also coming from a place of fear and anxiety.

So control, either being out of control or in control, is essentially just different sides of the same coin.

So what we want to do instead is take ourselves off this stressful rollercoaster.

Many of us have been on this rollercoaster for decades, and it’s not a nice way to live.

Take a step back.

Take yourself off the stressful rollercoaster.

Try to find more balance and sustainability, and that happens in the middle between our head and our belly. 

Not the extremes. Any time there’s any extreme behavior, it’s coming from a place of fear and anxiety, and it’s stressful, and it’s not a nice way to live. So we wanna find that balance and that flexibility, we don’t need to be on the diets. We need to be able to really start tuning in and trust ourselves, and come from a place of freedom. Food freedom, and balance.

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Bye for now.