Do You Think You Love Food Too Much by Georgie Beames

Are you grabbing the chocolate, the chips, the ice cream or the cheese because you feel like you just love the food too much? 

I want to share with you the real reasons as to why you’re grabbing these foods and emotional eating. 

So with many women, when I first start working with them, we talk about their eating and what’s going on and they just say like, “I’m addicted to chocolate.” Or, “I’m addicted to sugar.” 

Or they say, “I just can’t say no, the food’s got the power over me and I just love it. That’s why I’m just grabbing it and I can’t stop myself.” 

This is a story that we tell ourselves, but I want to share with you the real reasons as to why we are grabbing the foods and emotionally eating.


Any time we’re going for the chocolate or the chips, the cheese or whatever your go-to food is, it is because we are actually avoiding and we are distracting ourselves. 

We are avoiding and distracting our uncomfortable feelings. 

Something has happened that’s triggered us. It triggered some feelings within us and we store all of these feelings in our body, whether we are aware of it or not. 

For so many women, they’re so disconnected from their body. It’s kind of like from the neck up is all safe and then from the neck down, it’s like, whoa. I don’t want to go there, right?

We store all of our feelings in our body and this is all happening outside of our subconscious awareness. We’re triggered by something and then we’re feeling some discomfort and then the way our brain is wired, if you’ve got a pattern of emotional eating, like you’ve been doing this for years and years, then all of a sudden we find ourselves at the cupboard or at the shop, on that automatic pilot right before we had time to really think about it and we’ve got the chocolate out and we’re kind of scoffing that down and often as we’re eating very quickly in the moment.

The reason why we’re doing that is because we’re avoiding and we’re distracting ourselves from the real reason that we’re eating. 

There might be some overwhelm that we’re sitting with, there might be some disappointment, there might be frustration, there might be pressure, there might be anxiety, there might be stress. 

This is why you’re going to the food at this time. 

I have a tip for you, which is go to the feeling before going to the food. 

Anytime you have a really, really strong craving, one of those ones where it’s very specific and all you can think about as this food, I want you to just to place your awareness, get awareness out of your head and place it into your body and just kind of ask yourself, “What am I feeling? What is this uncomfortable feeling that I could be sitting with at the moment?”

Therefore, we’re starting to deal with a cause, which is why we’re eating. 

This is the way to really heal your relationship with food rather than dealing with the symptom, which is the food and the weight. 

I hope that’s been helpful. 

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Bye for now.