Do you feel like you are trapped in your body? Are you feeling locked in and wanting to free yourself?

In this blog I am going to share with you some key questions that you need to ask yourself that will help to set you free.

For many of us we feel like we are trapped in our body. We feel stuck and we don’t know how to free ourselves.  We often think going on the latest diet is the key that will unlock us from our prison and our lives will miraculously be amazing and great – in all areas and not just our bodies!!

“What we don’t realise is that we are both the prison and the prison guard.  Meaning that we are the ones who have locked ourselves in our bodies.  We have created this trap…but we are also the only ones that have the key to free ourselves.”

I know for myself that I built up a massive wall – which was my prison.  For me it was unsafe to be vulnerable and I didn’t want let anyone in as that was too overwhelming for me.  If I was willing to let anyone in, I was worried that it was going to lead to rejection and that would be too painful.  Whilst I could have some level of control over who and what I was letting in,  I also was unable to experience the positives – such as feelings of joy, love and intimacy. It was very lonely and I was pretty miserable at the time.

For so many years I was searching for the key outside of myself to free myself, not realising that I had all of the answers.

Here are 4 critical questions that you need to ask yourself that will help set you free:

  1. How have you built up your prison? (Was there an event that happened or has this been happening over time? When did this first start happening?)
  2. How does it keep you safe?  (Is it keeping you safe from anyone ?  Or is it keeping you safe from criticism or being hurt or rejected?)
  3. How is it keeping you stuck? (What are you missing out on or giving up by being locked in this prison?)
  4. How can you start to free yourself?  (What might you need to change in you in order to free yourself?)

For many women, their prison has been in place for years and it feels very safe and comfortable.  The prison serves as protection for you,  as does the extra weight that you might be carrying around. It’s like walking around with a big bright sign that says don’t come too close to me.  It’s weighing up whether you still want to stay safe but stuck, or free but a bit scared- what will you choose ?

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