Are You an Emotional Eater? by Georgie Beames

Do you find that, when you grab a chocolate, or the chips, or the ice cream that it gives you that instant relief?

I want to share with you the two problems that occur when you are emotionally eating.

And this is really important.

So often we are grabbing, let’s just say the chocolate, because that’s the most common one, or sugar, as well, for many women, is that we think that we just need the treat, or we deserve it, or that we just love the food too much, right? 

But really, we’re avoiding our uncomfortable feelings. 

This is why we’re eating. 

We are using the chocolate as anesthetic

We’re using the chocolate to really suppress and repress our feelings.

And often we get inversed with the food. And this happens often outside of our own conscious awareness. So any time you’re sort of stuffing down that food, that’s a sign that there’s actually something deeper going on. 

There’s some uncomfortable feeling that has been triggered in you that we’re trying to

And we’re using food to distract ourselves.

So, the issue that we have here is that we now have two problems. 

So, we eat the chocolate, and sure, we feel the instant relief. 

Instant being the operative word. 

It’s a very short-term strategy, though. 

It’s short term because we’re not dealing with the cause as to why we’re eating, what happens is we’re still left with the uncomfortable feeling. 

Eating the chocolate doesn’t take that problem away, right? 

We’re just stuffing it down. 

But it’s still there. 

It’s just going to come out and surface later on at another point in time. That’s
problem one. 

We’re still sitting with the internal discomfort of the uncomfortable feeling.

But problem two that we have after stuffing down with the chocolate, we’re left with another issue: the guilt and the shame that we feel after emotional eating. 


Because we know this is not good, we actually hide our eating from others. 

Do you notice that often when you’re out with people that you are doing the opposite? 

That you’re hardly eating anything? 

This is all the shame that we have around this type of eating behavior, right? 

We hide it, we don’t want to talk about it, we don’t even acknowledge it in ourselves.

But we’re left with the shame and the guilt of the emotional eating. 

So we’ve got those two problems that we’re dealing with. 

And it strips away at our confidence, it leads to weight gain, and it affects all areas of our life.

So I just wanted to share that with you, to increase your awareness around what’s really going on for you. 


And what we need to do to turn this around is actually deal with the cause as to why we are emotionally eating. This is starting to deal with and connect with our uncomfortable feelings that are in our body that haven’t gone away just because we have eaten a Mars bar.

I hope this has been helpful and if you want more information about this food freedom approach and really exploring why you’re emotionally eating, which is the key to heal your relationship with food.


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