Could One of These 4 Eating Saboteurs Be Derailing Your Relationship with Food by Georgie Beames

Could one of these eating saboteurs be completely derailing your eating?

As a psychologist in the area of emotional eating and weight,  I have identified six key blocks and barriers that result in four eating saboteurs.
Like personas, they’re a part of you. We all have a combination of all four. You tend to have a predominant saboteur. Which one might be in charge of your eating behaviours? Which one is taking you off track, and derailing you?

The most common one is the rebel.

The rebel is the part of you that is like a recalcitrant child: “We hate rules, we hate structure.” It’s the part of you that says, “Stuff it. Eat it anyway.” Or, “Stuff it. You know, I’m going to start the diet tomorrow, so I’m gonna eat what I like tonight.”

The second one is the perfectionist.

This is a part of you that is so critical, and judgmental. Judging your appearance, what you’re eating, what you should and shouldn’t be eating. If you go off track with your eating, you then see that as an excuse to be out of control. You say to yourself: “If I can’t be perfect, or I don’t look perfect, what’s the point of even trying?” “And I’ll eat.”

The third one is the victim.

This is a part of you that feels sorry for yourself. “Why me? I want to eat like a normal person. Why is this happening to me? Why am I dealing with eating issues? It’s so unfair.” Guess what you keep doing? You keep eating, to try and make yourself feel better.

The fourth one is the minimizer.

This is the part of you that wants to keep yourself protected and safe. This voice might say: “Oh, you deserve a treat. You know, you’ve had a hard day. Eat the piece of cake. Eat the chocolate tonight. You deserve it.”

If these eating saboteurs are in charge, it’s like they’re in the front seat of the car driving.

They are making all your eating decisions. And you’re going in the wrong way in the car. Taking you down a completely different path that’s leading to eating sabotage.

Which one do you think, out of those four, is in charge of your eating behaviours?

Is it the rebel? Is it the perfectionist? Is it the victim? Or is it the minimizer?
It’s all about starting to increase your self awareness. Starting to get yourself away from focusing on what you’re eating. You think: “I haven’t had enough willpower or self control.” But start to think about why. What might be playing out at a deeper level that is sending you to the food? Working at that level is the key to change.

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