Are you feeling stuck and frustrated about your weight?
Do these feelings tempt you to try to get back in control of your eating?
I know what it feels like when your pants get too tight. You feel ashamed and you feel like a failure. Your mind starts telling you to get back in control of your eating and to start dieting.
But we know that being in control will just lead us back into being out of control with our eating at some stage.
So, what do we do?
Here are my 3 Strategies for those ladies who are unhappy with their weight who are tempted to try to get back in control.

How Do You Develop A Healthy Relationship With Food? 

Let me show you how to:

  • End your constant food thoughts that preoccupy your mind
  • Break your old habits such as eating in secret or eating when you are alone, at night in front of the screen
  • Reduce your stress and boredom eating
  • Break free from yo yo dieting and the constant search trying to find ‘the’ answer in the next diet

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