One of the key areas that will hold you back from being the person you want to be is holding onto a fantasy that your life will be 100 times better when you lose weight.

OK…maybe your scoffing right now, “Georgie, that’s outrageous, that’s not me!”

I thought I didn’t hold onto this fantasy either, I mean I’m a realistic, educated lady.

But, I was holding onto it…big time!! (at a subconscious level).

If or when you lose weight (without doing the work on the inside) the person you will become is a slimmer version of who you are right now.

A slimmer version with the same struggles, same life.

Being slim doesn’t mean that you will automatically stop self sabotaging.
Being slim doesn’t mean that emotional eating is no longer an issue for you.
Being slim doesn’t mean that your beliefs will automatically adjust and you will suddenly feel good enough.

Sure you might feel better about yourself, but you might not.

If you don’t do the work on the inside, then it can bring with it more complexity, such as

“How do I protect myself without my weight?”

“I don’t know myself as a slimmer person”

“I’m heading toward my ideal weight (that I’ve never been) and I’m scared s$%$less so I better start eating”, or

“Everyone is putting pressure on me as I’m losing weight and that makes me feel so anxious” (I better eat).

This is why many women ‘fail’, because they start dieting and losing weight without addressing what’s going on for them at a deeper level.

If you are using weight as protection (let’s face it…who isn’t?) then it’s a matter of time for the weight to come back on.

It’s not uncommon for me to see client’s in my private practice who undergo surgery to control their eating and weight. Many lose an enormous amount of weight and some then put it back on, because their internal baggage is getting in their way.

They feel like a huge failure and it’s only then that they have a full appreciation of how important our psychology and subconscious mind is.

So you see how important it is for you to do the work from the inside out?

Here are 3 things to start doing today:

1. Grab a piece of paper. Draw the line down the middle. On one side write the heading start doing, and the other side stop doing. Spend 5-7 minutes writing down everything that you will start and stop doing when you lose the weight. An example might be – Start doing – wearing brighter colours and clothes that feel good. Stop doing might be stop being so self critical and mean to myself, or trusting myself to eat what I want or need (rather than what I should be having).

2. OK now you have the list – I want you to start doing everything on it. Yes you heard right. This is because there is nothing on this list of yours that needs to wait until you drop the weight. Leading a rich and meaningful life needs to happen NOW as you will be waiting years, even decades and the only thing you will have lost is precious time. The more you start to step into your future self now (the version of you that is in there hidden underneath the weight), the greater your chance of really becoming her.

3. Start living you life according to this list. Change & transformation occurs when you accept yourself, rather than the other way around which is I will accept myself AFTER I lose weight. This mentality is a time and energy waster.

Let’s stop with the fantasy thinking and make a few adjustments to make your life great now!

You can still feel good when you’re not at your ideal weight.

You can still accept yourself and your body when you’re not at your ideal weight.

You can still attract a partner and fall in love with an amazing guy when you’re not at your ideal weight or take your love life to another level.

Any other views means you’re visiting fantasy land.

When you visit fantasy land you inevitably end up in disappointment street.

Let’s appreciate and celebrate you and your life!


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