Episode 16: The Secret To Feel More Motivated To Make Positive Changes


Does this sound like you.

The night before you are fired up to get up early and go for a walk or go to the gym, then the alarm goes off and you hit snooze !!

Or you say to yourself, after work I’ll go for that walk…then it gets to 5pm and you think – I can’t be bothered and you sit on the couch and watch mindless TV instead!

Can you see that we make an either/or choice that are actually opposite to one another. 

It’s like I’m either going to the gym, or I’m numbing out in front of netflix with chocolate.

The choices are – doing something positive for yourself or doing something that is an avoidance strategy  that numbs you out. 

That’s the thing, you can’t have both, you have to choose one.

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