Episode 33: What Are You Avoiding By Being In Control?


You may or may not know that food and weight are only the symptoms.  This is why WLS doesn’t fix the problem and make every thing go away and why doing this mind work is the key to making your surgery a success. 

Let’s unpack these control strategies. It could be:

– Tracking everything in an app – calories, exercise etc…and let’s me honest this can feel like a part time job – all of the calculations 

– Meal planning and prepping taken to a whole new level where it becomes a bit obsessive

– Religiously working out where the exercise becomes the control strategy.  If you exercise in this way, you feel in control and this dictates your eating for the day.

Whilst you are reading recipes and controlling your weeks worth of meals to the next level, you don’t have to sit with and deal with your loneliness, feelings of not being food enough.

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