Do you feel…..

  • You’re either a success or a failure when it comes to your eating and weight?
  • You’ve been on and off diets for years, and nothing has worked for in the longer term?
  • Your relationship with food is a constant struggle?

Do you want to feel…..

  • More relaxed and empowered around food, where you are in charge of your eating decisions, and food doesn’t have the power over you?
  • Free, knowing that you don’t need to start again & be ‘good’ on Monday. You will free up your energy to re-invest it in more positive pursuits.
  • Confident. Increase your self worth and gain in confidence in ALL areas of your life.

How Self Sabotage Is Misguided Self Care

I see women having 2 choices available:

Keep focusing on the symptoms which is food & weight.

Keep trying the diet again, hoping that this time it will stick, whilst going back and forth between dieting & emotionally eating; being a ‘success’ or ‘failure’ or being ‘fat’ or ‘thin’. But this will only lead to more and more weight gain in the longer term.

Make this important switch by focusing on the cause (which are the reasons WHY you keep going back to the food) for sustainable change & natural weight loss to occur by re-wiring your brain to reduce your food cravings & your default strategy to always go to the food.